About ERA Research

ERA Forest Products Research is an independent financial research company with an exclusive focus on the Paper & Forest Products Sector, including Timber, Pulp, Paper, Newsprint, Containerboard, Lumber, OSB, Plywood and Fiber companies.

  • ERA covers all companies in the Forest Products Sector, Domestic and International, Equity and Debt.
  • The firm’s proprietary models, data sources, and extensive industry network allow its team of analysts to identify turning points in commodity price cycles.
  • ERA combines these forecasts with fundamental analysis and on-site company visits to determine corporate valuations and to make actionable investment recommendations.

The firm is a Canadian based firm located in Gibsons, British Columbia, providing research to major institutional investors, industry executives, and government organizations world-wide.


ERA’s philosophy is that in order to make money in the Paper & Forest Products sector, you must get the commodity call right.

As such, the Research Team at ERA devotes a tremendous amount of time looking for inflection points in commodity prices, and forecasting commodity prices six months to three years out. Once ERA determines the direction of the commodities, we then incorporate our company financial models and management views to make, Long & Short, Investment recommendations.


Expert Network
Managing Director, Kevin Mason maintains an expert network of over 200 contacts globally and within the paper & forest products sector. While he is on a first-name basis with many of the CEO’s and CFO’s of these companies, it is important to note that the most valuable information is often derived from employees at the ground level. These include:

  • Mill Managers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Union Representatives
  • Insurance Brokers that underwrite policies for the mills
  • Government Officials
  • Paper Brokers
  • Sales Directors and front-line sales people at major firms

Chart & Model Database
Containing over 1500 charts examining every aspect of how commodities interact with each other – as well as with currency changes and other economic indicators, ERA maintains the world’s most comprehensive research database of Paper & Forest Products sector data series. Each month, within the Monthly report, ERA selects 30 of the most relevant charts to explain future forecasts.

Data Sources
ERA subscribes to numerous high-value global data sources relating to the Paper &Forest Products sector; imports/exports, supply/demand, etc.

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